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How to Use the Smoke and Mist Sprayer YC-180/280

How to use the smoke and mist sprayer YC-180/280

  1. 1.Before starting

  2. 1)Ensure that there are no bystanders or animals around; 2) the spout of the machine is strictly prohibited to point to people, animals and plants. 3) During start-up, make sure there is no inflammable and explosive materials within 2m radius of the nozzle. 4) The machine must be kept at least 3 meters away from the refueling point.

  3. 2.Preparation

  4. 1) Check and confirm the battery is charged and the circuit is in good status.

  5. 2) Fill the fuel tank with gasoline (it is recommended to use 92# or above unleaded gasoline, which can prevent the clogging of the carburetor), not more than 80% full.

  6. 3) .Add the mixed solution in the chemical tank and add water or diesel (or mixture of water and smoke agent, for spraying smoke) in the water tank. The tank lids must be tightened.

    Note: Make sure both outlet valves are closed before start up. 

  7. 3.Start-up

    3-1. Turn on the carburetor switches (the choke levers of both carburetors).图片1.png        图片2.png

    3-2. When the machine is used for the first time, each of the oil bubble need to be pressed 7-8 times until the oil bubbles are filled with 2/3 of gasoline.

    (Note: when using again, if there is gasoline in the oil bubble and oil pipe, skip this step.)

    3-3. Starting methods:

    Electric starting      图片3.png

    Keep pressing the start button (the lower one) until the machine starts. (If not started, press the oil bubbles 1-2 times more and then restart.)

    Manual starting


  1. a.Before start, press the power test button (the upper one) to check if there is squeaking sound of the ignition needle, start the machine only when there is sound. 

  2. b.Long press the power test button with one hand, pull the handle of manual pump from slow to fast to inflate by the other hand.  After about 5-6 times, you can hear the sound of the machine starting. Keep pressing the button and pumping until the machine starts.



     图片5.png 图片4.png




  1. 4.How to spray.

    After starting, open the outlet valves of water tank and chemical tank to spray.  

    Carry the tank on the back and carry the machine on the shoulder. Adjust the outlet valves according to need.  

  2. 5.How to stop.

    After the completion of the fogging or when need to stop, first close the water valve and the chemical valve, and then turn off the carburetor switches. After power off, open the lid of the chemical tank or water tank in the shortest time to discharge the air pressure in the tank.